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Salt Spring Island has a severe housing crisis, and it is impacting everyone in our community. Without relief, more people, families, and small businesses will leave the island, and we risk losing much of what we love about this special place. 

Right now there are many actions that can be taken by various local government bodies to ensure we can house more people here with less impact on the environment.

New green affordable housing projects proposed by various groups would add over 200 new housing spaces. Many other creative solutions including alternative water sources, targeted density in Ganges, eco-village zoning, and other planning solutions are possible. 

But Islands Trust approvals processes and other bureaucratic hurdles combined with a small amount of vocal opposition are impeding some new projects and other solutions from gaining momentum. Without more support, housing projects will be withdrawn, and other opportunities to solve the crisis lost. 

We call on the Islands Trust, CRD, North Salt Spring Water Works, and other local government bodies to provide real leadership on affordable housing. They need to work harder to support creative solutions that house more people with less impact on the environment.  

Please sign your name and we will deliver your voice to local leaders, and be in touch about other actions you can take to help solve the housing crisis. 

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