To make affordable housing a priority in their new strategic plan and work with the community to find solutions that protect water and people.

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Salt Spring Island has a severe housing crisis, and it is starting to impact everyone in our community. Without immediate relief, more families will leave the island, and we risk losing much of what we love about this special place. 

Right now there are multiple affordable housing projects proposed by various groups that would add over 200 new housing spaces. Each of these projects meet an identified community need, have strong sustainability features, and are funded and ready to go. Other creative solutions to the housing crisis are also possible. 

But Islands Trust approvals processes and other bureaucratic hurdles combined with a small amount of local opposition are impeding these projects and other solutions from going ahead. Without more support, some might be withdrawn, and these opportunities for solutions lost forever. 

We call on the Islands Trust, CRD, North Salt Spring Water Works, and other local government bodies to provide real leadership on affordable housing. They need to start by unsticking these affordable housing projects, and work harder to find ways to support other creative solutions.  

Please sign your name and we will deliver your voice to local leaders, and be in touch about other actions you can take to help solve the housing crisis. 

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Other actions you can take: 

You can also join one of the various facebook or real-life groups talking about solutions to the housing crisis. 


Organizing the Resistance is a facebook group discussing housing solutions. Ask to join the group by clicking here

The Salt Spring Community Alliance has been meeting since last year's governance referendum and has a housing committee. Follow their activities and meetings on their website or on Facebook by clicking here