We all love and want to protect our island’s incredible natural beauty.
But our unique community and culture are at risk.


It’s no one’s fault, but a combination of high real estate prices, tourism and short term vacation rental pressures, provincial tenant rights policies, and severe local bylaw restrictions are leading to a painful lack of not only affordable housing, but any housing on Salt Spring.

This is hollowing out working and middle class people and families who are essential for a thriving, functional community, and who also have a right to live here. Read their stories:   


Families and young people

Healthcare and education workers

Farmers and business owners

Long-term residents and seniors


While the amount of rental housing is decreasing rapidly and new non-profit housing projects face severe restrictions, hundreds of new high-end, high resource use homes are being built every year. Neither these new homes nor those of existing residents are compelled to conserve.

This is not preserving and protecting, and it is neither fair nor just.

We want every Salt Spring resident to have a safe, long-term home that also minimizes its impacts on the natural environment. 

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Learn about solutions

From alternative water sources to targeted density in Ganges, eco-village zoning to green non-profit housing projects, we can house more people here with less impact on the environment.


But the Islands Trust, North Salt Spring Waterworks and CRD, along with a small amount of vocal community opposition, continue to throw up impediments to change.

Without hearing from those supporting solutions, non-profit housing projects will continue to be withdrawn, and other opportunities to solve the housing crisis will be lost. 


Local governments need to work harder to provide real leadership on housing. 

We need the Islands Trust, CRD, North Salt Spring Water Works, and other local government bodies to provide real leadership on the affordable housing crisis. Please add your voice.