It is impacting everyone in our community. 


The lack of affordable housing is causing great harm to so many of our fellow residents. Read their stories below.  



Families and young people

Healthcare and education workers

Farmers and business owners

Long-term residents and seniors


Without immediate relief, more families will leave the island, and we risk losing so much of what we love about this special place. 

There are five affordable housing projects proposed right now, and other creative solutions to ease the crisis are possible. 





Proposed projects

Right now there are five affordable housing projects proposed that would add over 200 homes. 


But Islands Trust approvals processes and other bureaucratic hurdles combined with a small amount of local opposition are impeding these housing projects and other solutions from going ahead.

Without more support, some may be withdrawn, and these opportunities to solve the crisis lost forever. 


Local governments need to work together to provide real leadership on housing. 

We need the Islands Trust, CRD, North Salt Spring Water Works, and other local government bodies to provide real leadership on the affordable housing crisis. They can start by unsticking these affordable housing projects, now, and work harder to find ways to support other creative solutions. Please add your voice.